21-Year Follow Up of STENO-2 Participants Shows 69% Reduction in Stroke and Additional 8 Years of Life Expectancy

STENO-2 followed people with type 2 diabetes for over two decades to compare outcomes of receiving multifactorial interventions or standard of care. Multifactorial interventions were simultaneous glucose, blood pressure, and lipid lowering over a period of eight years.

Impressively, those receiving the more intensive care had a 69% reduced risk for stroke; 26% in the standard of care group had a stroke, compared to 11% in the intensive care group. The intensive care resulted in an extra eight years of life expectancy.

Though a relatively small trial with 160 participants, the long-term and consistently compelling results provide clinical and economic reasons for meeting glucose, blood pressure, and lipids. Dr. Peter Gæde of the Steno Diabetes Center noted that it is a very smart investment due to the powerful data on the prevention of complications.

Earlier the STENO-2 showed that

after 4 years 50% less micro-angiopathy,

after 8 years 50% less macro-angiopathy,

after 12 years 50% less mortality

- and now after 21 years 69% reduced risk for stroke and 8 years extra to live

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