This is a great meeting in Orlando, Florida, with 16 000 helath care professionals from around the world during 5 days with the latest news in science, clinical and education. It is the largest diabetes meeting in the world and colleagues from more than 100 countries. 
There will be more than 3 000 original diabetes research presentations, 375 oral presentations, 2 117 poster presen tations with 47 moderated poster discussions. Some major trials will be presented.
The theme of the first day is Diabetes i Primary with the whole day focusing type 2 diabetes, lectures for the specialists of family practice, GP and general medicine. The day will enhance the knowledge and competence giving the best practice, more and early intensive treatment, using early diagnosis with metformin and life style changes, early start of complimentary treatments, the use of GLP1-analogues, DPP4-inhibitors and SGLT2-inhibitors. Insulin first later on. Sulfonylurea lecture with its risks of insulin coma and glucose lowering effect even if the blood glucose level is low. In summary, the treatment regimen is looking in many ways the same way as in Sweden with Lakemedelsverkets workshop Nov 2017. 
Orlando is a city for amusements, the theme park capital of the world, with the well known Walt Disney world, Universal Orlando. Lego Land and Sea world, and much more. 75 million tourists come to Orlando every year, being the greatest tourist city in the USA. The temperature is around 30 Celsius with high humidity, a tropical climate. In the beginning the county was called the mosquito county but later on changed to the Orange County. Florida is the state with high production of fruits and vegetables. 
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