Carla J Greenbaum, USA
Delaying T1DM is important. It means a longer period of time without the day to day extra job or living with T1DM.
This is the largest trial ever performed using oral insulin. Oral insulin did not delay clinical diagnosis of T1DM in the main strata of 389 peiple, or when all the strata were combined. 
However, in a secondary analysis of the subgroup of 55 people there was a 31 month delay in median time to clinical T1DM. This further supports that not everyone develops T1DM in the same way and is a step towards targeted therapies.
T1DM Diabetes TrialNet has 3 other ongoing studies to determine whether we can delay or stop disease progression. "Since relatiuves hav a 15x increased risk of disiease we urge relatiuves of those with T1DM to stop T1DM
DIAPREV-it trial with Alunm-GAD Helena Elding Larsson, Lund university, Sweden
In this first study of antigen-specific therapy with Alumn-GAD in young children with mulltiple islet autoantibodies, we found it is safe to use,
The results shows that Alun-GAD given alone coukld not in the current doseing, delay or prevent T1DM in their cohort. Other dosing or combination with immunomodulatiory agents or other antigens may be tested. Immunological samples will be analysed to further investigate the mechanisms.
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