29,1 millions have diabetes,

9,3% of the poipulation,

95% T2DM, and 1 of 4 do not know that they have T2DM.

1,4 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes every year.  

Age 12 years of all people 12,3% in this age group have diabetes.

Age 65 years or older 25,9% of all people in this age group have diabetes

Total costs 245 US billion (245 miljarder SEK) in 2012 the total economic costs, half direct costs and half indirect costs disability, work loss and premature mortality

1 of 10 health care dollars is spent treating diabetes and its complication

1 of 5 health care dollars is spent for people with diabetes



According to a late US survey age-standardized rates of diabetes related complications among US adults with diabetes 1990-2010 Gregg N Engl J Med 370;1514-1523:2014

52,9% less stroke

67,8% reduced acute myocardial infarction

51,4% less amputation,

28,3% less end stage renal disease

64,4% less death from diabetic ketoacidosis



This is the 76th ADA Meeting. Much has happened since the start. New medicines, new insulins, new devices, better technologies practically emerging every year. People with diabetes have proved over the same tyime that they are capable of amazing acrtions, continually pushed for better tools, care and medicines. The future is coming, will be even more fantastic in the next hear-years for even better life quality and less complications, nearing 0-vision for complications.

Here are some of the most important time issues according to ADA

1940 ADA 1st meeting with 12 delegates in Cleveland,

1941 Clinitest for testing urine for sugar,

1948 first ADA journal ADA Forecast,

1955, sulphonylurea

1959 two distinct types of diabetes, T1 and T2 diabetes,

1963 1st wearable insulin pump,

1964 Ames company with the first test strips for blood glucose, Bill Mills with T1DM wins the gold medal in Olympics 10 000 m for men,

1973 highly purified beef and pork insulins to reduce the risks of allergic reactions.

1979 N Engl J Med study of insulin pumps, setting the stage of widespread pump therapy,

1985 the first insulin pen Novopen,

1982 1st synthetic fast acting insulin Humulin instead of relying on pancreas from animals, ensurinhg a virtucally unlimited supply of insulin,

1981, blood glucose monitors are ready for home use,

1993 DCCT for T1DM and 1998 for T2DM UKPDS showing good HbA1c reduce risks for complications,

1994 metformin for T2DM in USA,

1996 is launched,

2001 DPS Finnish Diabetes Preventio Study shows for the first time that T2DM can be prevented b y life style changes,

2005 GLP1 exanetide Byetta,

1st CGM for better type 1diabetes to better control 

2012 N Engl J Med bariactric surgery in patients with diabetes type 2 can safe lives and better T2DM,  


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