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It  is a great pleasure to report from ADA, the worlds largest diabetes conference. Writing in English-American because tecknical problems with the computer, the a, a, o, the last letters in the alphabet are missing. Sorry for that. The Conference will start in a couple of hours.

The Conference

The sessions here are both educational gatherings as weell as a unique opportunity to bring networks with colleagues from US 50 states as well as over 114 cuntries.

The most important issue of the meeting is to present the most importamt new scientific actions - and also time to discuss the real importance of this new steps for the future. Total 2 000 oral presentations and posters. This year there will be nearly 20 000 delegates.

Major clinical trials will be presented, effects of liraglutide (Victoza) in diabetes will show positive effects on cardiovascular endpoints (LEADER-study), and new update from the EMPA-REG Outcome Trial, also DiaMond trial with CGM versus multiple insulin doses in T1DM. All these trials will be presented in the end of the Meeting, Monday and Tuesday.   

The city

New Orleans is situated in Louisiana in the SW near the Mexican Gulf. The city is of great history from the French in 1710 buliding the first genuine part of the city, still in full actiions, and then fighting against malaria and yellow fever.

Missisippi is the large transport river system and goes near the Conference 75 m, very high currents, with sips coming every 5 minutes, up with gas and oil from the Gulf and then goint back. The hurricane Katrina August 28 2005 pushed water from the Gulf of Mexico up the Missisippi River and pushed into the city. A torrent of water submerged 80% of the city. Everrything is now re-built. The poor infra-rstucture is now upgraded for billions of dollars with barriers in the Mexico Gulf coming in function in case of a new weather disaster, learning from the Netherlands. 

Now the city is filled of life, an international center, with "good food, music and positive actions for a balanced life style" according the guide for the city. At the same time in USA there is a great problems with over weight. 2015 40% of women, 30% of males hade BMI over 28, and 30% of kids increasing from 15% during the last 15 years. Type 2 diabetes is increasing with figures up to nearly 20% prevalence in some oarts of USA. In a shop nearby advertisements showing; "It is sugar - you know that you want it. Takeing great pleasure in great pleasures. Child likes sweats and euphoria. Asking for foregiveness instead of permission". It is a tuff athmosphere for the Americans, the plates for food get larger and larger the last 10-20 years, more calories, more fat and more carbohydrates. Primary prevention for T2DM is number one for the politicians and the people in US, with more exercise, less smoking, less calories and a better life style. The next future could be better.

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