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If we take a look at all the posters and oral presentations the following search words are the most popular topics, in number of abstracts.

It may give some hints about today´s main topic for the diabetes community as well as the challenges for the future

Listing from highest

85 number of abstracts; type 2 diabetes

70 hypoglycemia

65 type 1 diabetes

60 obesitas

51 gestational diabetes

51 DPP4 inhibitors

50 insulin resistance

45 GLP1 analog

40 dapagliflozin

30 SGLT2 inhibitor

25 insulin

31 CGM

30 insulin pump

29 diabetic nephropathy

26 metabolic syndrome

25 liraglutide

20 inflammation

15 depression

14 exanetide

10 degludec


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